Has anyone else noticed an abundance of berries this summer? According to all the almanacs, it means we are in for a cold winter and because there is so much food around, you might be seeing fewer birds at your feeders. Dr. Bird is on two sections this episode, answering a question about ID’ing raptors in the city and how birds deal with hurricanes. We hear from Pascale, another Brome Bird Care employee who recently had her new puppy get very sick after eating grass treated with an ‘organic’ fertilizer. This weeks EnviroMinute is all about how even the ‘good’ lawncare products can still be bad for birds. Australia is promoting Kangaroo meat, and some birds like giving their meals a quick wash before eating. 

If you are in the Northeast – I hope you’re enjoying this couple of weeks of amazing weather we’ve been having!

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Backyard Feeding – Lots of Berries Means a Cold Winter

Envirominute – Let Your Grass Grow Naturally for the Birds

Ask Dr. Bird – Identifying Raptors in the City

The Headlines – How do Birds Deal with Hurricanes? Kangaroo Meat, and Birds Who Wash Their Food Before Eating