Wow, it’s been a busy couple of weeks! Dr. Bird is with us on both Ask Dr. Bird! and Backyard Feeding this week answering a question about what sort of schedule different birds keep for having chicks. He also talks about how Bluebirds react to mouse odor in their nests, because finding mice in our Bluebird nest boxes is a pretty common thing. The headlines are packed with interesting stories about Texas Audubon making a beer for birds, Ranchers discovering the benefits of replanting native plants in their pastures, a new bunch of captive-bred Black Stilts have been released into the wild in New Zealand, and some 12- year olds have come up with a pretty neat solution for keeping birds away from runways at airports. Winner’s Circle has some spectacular pictures of birds eating their lunch, and the next photo challenge is capturing shots of 3 or more birds. Good luck everyone and see you again soon!

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