So I discovered something really interesting last week – our household has slowly been eliminating white sugar because we are always looking for healthier options, but when I did a bit of research about making Hummingbird nectar, I discovered it’s REALLY important to use ONLY white sugar. Stay tuned for the whole story. Dr. Bird has two segments on this show, on one, he answers a question about attracting and placing nest boxes for American Kestrels, and on the other, he talks about the frustration Canadians are facing trying to get the government to recognize the Gray, or Canada Jay as our national bird. In the headlines this week, I discovered that Praying Mantises aren’t the best insects to keep around your Hummingbird feeders, Australian vintners are using raptors and magpies to keep fruit eating birds away from their grapes and the EU Government is closely watching Cyprus to discourage hunting and trapping of certain birds. Stunning photography on Winner’s Circle this week. Enjoy the show and see you soon!

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