Hello Everyone!

This week we cover a lot of info. On Backyard Feeding I look at a couple of different protein feeders for hummingbirds. I bought one and built one, and I’m going to be checking which one does better. On EnviroMinute, I plant a couple of native trees, which will attract native bugs and then native birds…you see where I’m going. Dr. Bird discusses a painful topic of how to deal with bird infestations. When a flock of Red-Billed Queleas can eat 50 tonnes of food in one day it can be a disaster for some communities. In the Headlines, there is another story about Hummers, and how you can keep fighting down at your feeders. Brazilian researchers tried changing the ratio of sugar in their nectar and got some surprising results. The Swedish Royal Guard is under attack – by the Common Tern! If you are in New Zealand, don’t feed the Keas – our food can be toxic for them and they don’t know any better! Finally, some great news. A team at Oregon State University says they’ve developed new technology that will keep birds away from wind turbines. I can’t wait to see what it is.

Have a wonderful week!

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