So we have a lot going on in this episode. Mark Robinson had asked me about using some Alpaca wool as a nesting material, so I answer that with a reminder that any natural fiber makes great nesting material as long as it hasn’t been bleached, colored or treated. A few weeks ago, I reached out to some of our audience and asked them what migrating birds they were seeing – a few people got back to me, so we’ll have a look at who is moving where!

Dr. Bird is asked about birds pooping on certain colors of cars – he explains that at this time of year, anything reflective and shiny is going to make birds behave a little strangely.

The EnviroMinute challenge this week is to not pre-heat your oven unless you are baking something from scratch. A lot of studies have shown that there is no advantage to pre-heating regular food – it just uses a lot of energy.

The headlines this week – Green roofs in cities help migrating birds and also help keep the cities cool and fresh. Researchers in Tadoussac Quebec have been given a grant to find out why the Rusty Blackbird populations are in decline. And, it isn’t just human women who get picky about food during pregnancy. The North Island Robin has a very specific diet and if the mate can’t deliver, he’s kicked out of the nest!

Enjoy the spring – we have a lot of cold and wet weather here, but things are still turning green. Have a great week everyone!

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