On Backyard Feeding this episode, I hook up with a group that does local bird hikes. If Spring ever gets here, I’ll be joining them to see what birds we can see locally. We were actually planning a hike that day, but the weather turned, so we postponed it. Migration season is upon us – I learned about the lights out program where big cities are trying to turn off unecessary lights to help birds stay oriented while migrating. Guess what your EnviroMinute challenge is this week? You got it! Turn of all exterior lights. Dr. Bird answers a question about Birds, Squirrels and Cats living together. I’m not sure everyone realises how dangerous squirrels can be to young birds! In the headlines this week, the Keystone XL pipeline gets approval from the White House which could mean a disaster for the Sandhill Crane. The Kea has contagious laughter, and studies are showing larger birds are adapting their behaviour to avoid more collisions. Enjoy!

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