In this episode we get to meet some of the wonderful customer care specialists and Brome Bird Care. I asked them to talk about how they help reduce window collisions in their own homes. Dr. Bird answers a question about feeding birds in condo developments and how to keep the rodent population down. We see who won the 3 prizes on Winner’s Circle and talk about the next theme. In the headlines, a new stadium is seeking Audubon’s help to reduce bird deaths from collisions, Dubrovnik, Croatia is talking about removing vineyards to create more habitat for migrating birds and a new study shows which birds most commonly carry ticks and where you should place your feeders to avoid them. 

View the whole episode here:

Backyard Feeding – Tips from Brome Bird Care Customer Care on what they do to reduce window collisions

Ask Dr. Bird – Advice on Feeding Birds in Condo Developments and How To Avoid Rodents

The Headlines – A New Stadium Seeks Audubon’s Help, The Most Common Birds That Carry Ticks, and Croatia Looking at Removing Vineyards to Make Habitat for Migrating Birds

Winner’s Circle