So we are trying something new – BBN will now be every 2 weeks instead of weekly. This will give us a chance to try and find more interesting content and try out some new things on the show. This week I heard from a couple of contributors and panicked because I hadn’t cleaned out my Bluebird nestbox – guess what’s on Backyard Feeding! Steve Swearingen got some great pictures of what looks like a dalmatian American Coot, and asks Dr. Bird about the differences between leucism and albinism. This week’s EnviroMinute challenge is to give your fridge a break – let food cool  down to room temperature before putting it in the fridge and you’ll be saving energy.

In the headlines this week – South Africa is experimenting with new technology to prevent birds colliding with power lines. The Greater-Bird-Of-Paradise might be in more trouble than we think, particularly in Papua Indonesia because of hunting and poaching. New initiatives are being started to help out. Pit mines and tailing ponds are eco disasters, particularly for migrating birds. A mining company in Montana is looking for new solutions to keep birds from landing on contaminated lakes and ponds. 

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Backyard Feeding – Get your Bluebird boxes ready!




Ask Dr. Bird – Albinism vs. Leucism


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