My first week back from Belarus! It’s nice to be back in the Studio. On this episode I discover a new app called Song Sleuth to help you id birds you can’t see. Dr. Bird answers a question about a Cardinal’s ability to grow its beaks back, I head down to the local brook to pick up some litter. In the headlines Tianjin is building what they are calling the world’s first ‘Bird Airport’, Retail First, a company in Australia is banning helium balloons at public events to protect wildlife, new tracking technology developed in Poland is helping researchers learn new things about hard to get birds and Wisdom the Laysan’s Albatross hatches another chick at the age of 66!

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Backyard Feeding – Introducing Song Sleuth

Envirominute – Take A Minute to Pick Up Some Litter

Ask Dr. Bird – Can Cardinals Grow Their Beaks Back?

The Headlines – Tianjin to Build a Bird “Airport”, Wisdom hatches another chick at 66, and an Australian Company to ban helium balloons to protect wildlife

Winner’s Circle – Our first monthly winners!