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So we’ve gone from freezing to melting! Last week was one of intense heatwaves here in Quebec and most of Eastern Canada. We had a bit of rain, a bit of sun and boom! Bug city! Which of course is great for the birds. And on Backyard Feeding I’d like to give you a reminder. If you are in an area that has bears, keep an eye out because this is the time of year they are foraging. No feeder is bear-proof, and this video sent by Mark Wentworth shows exactly what can happen if a bear gets too close to your feeder. So if you do suspect bear activity in your area, take down your feeders for awhile – don’t worry, the birds won’t starve.

Dr. Bird answers a question about a lone female Chickadee that was seen defending a nest-box all by herself. David has a few thoughts on what might have happened to its mate. Some great stories this week – Denver is culling Canada Geese and giving the meat to needy families, scientists are working on a vaccine that may eradicate Beak and Feather disease which could help save the Orange-Bellied Parrot, one of Australia’s most endangered birds. if you live anywhere close to Montreal, you’ve probably heard about the new Champlain Bridge opening which means they will start dismantling the old one. In the meantime, thousands of Cliff Swallows are enjoying the peace and quiet, but will have to be moved to either the new span or a car-free ice bridge a bit further up the river. Wildlife Biologists are working with the Federal Bridge Corporation to figure out how to do that.

Some great shots on Winner’s Circle this episode. Next contest’s theme is Flocks of Birds. Good Luck!