We’ve decided to mix things up a bit. Over the next month or two we will be changing the format of the show to try and bring you bird news the best way possible. The first change we’ve made is to break the show up into individual segments so you can click on the sections you like best!

On Backyard Feeding this week, we get some incredible tips from Missy Mandel on how to get that “perfect” shot without having to sit in the woods for hours and hours!

Envirominute this week – talk to your local post office about reducing your junk mail – it saves trees and bird habitat!

Cindy Stroud asks Dr. Bird – Do Blue Jays remembere where they stash every one of their peanuts?

In the Headlines this week – New theories make birds more nomadic than migratory, Celebrity Birdwatching and reality tv is helping to educate people about local bird populations and a Québec judge has overturned a ruling, allowing a local man to keep an injured crow he rescued 7 years ago.

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