Brome Bird Book – Bird Droppings Fighting Global Warming

Around the World – The Return of the Cirl Bunting

Parrot Remains Found in Siberia

Birds in Government – The ‘Bird Baffle’ Saving Seabirds in Australia

The Gray Jay is chosen by the Canadian Royal Geographical Society as the bird that best represents Canada. Dr. Allen Armitage talks about Crocuses and Saffron in November. Dr. Bird answers a question about molting birds and when to watch out for illness. In the headlines, bird droppings are helping keep part of the planet cool, Parrot bones are found in Siberia, the Cirl Bunting has made a solid comeback because of farming inititatives in England. Australia requires fishing boats to be equipped with the ‘Bird Baffle’ to save more seabirds. This weeks EnviroMinute encourages you to spend a bit more time walking because it’s good for you AND the environment. Stay Tuned!