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Brome Bird Book – Poecivirus is most likely causing deformed bills

Around the World  – The Mansk Shearwater is Making a Comeback

Birds in Government – A New Breeding Facility for The Greater Sage Grouse

Tatsiana talks about how to deep clean feeders if you don’t want to stick them in the dishwasher. Dr. Bird answers a question about how long fledglings bother their parents for food. Poecivirus is most likely the virus causing deformed beaks in birds in Alaska and Northern Canada. If you’ve lost an Emu, one was picked up outside of Phoenix AZ. For the first time in over 100 years, a wild California Condor chick lives long enough to leave its nest. Calgary Zoo in Canada opens a breeding facility for the Greater Sage Grouse, and the Mansk Shearwater is making a comeback on the Isles of Scilly thanks to an anti-rodent program. Check the website for Mark Your Calendar dates and locations.