Brome Bird Book – The Red Kite Spotted in Northern County Dublin 

Brome Bird Book – Sasha Dench Begins Her Epic Journey With Bewick’s Swans

Around The World – Hurricanes and Red Footed Booby Birds

Birds In Government – Federal Judge Rules in Favour of Killing Double-crested Cormorants

Mark Your Calendar – American Birding Expo

Changing your birdbath water daily is very important! Dr. Bird talks about Eastern Bluebird eggs and when they should be removed from the nest. The Red Kite is spotted over North County Dublin for the first time in 200 years, Sasha Dench starts her epic journey trying to solve the mystery of the Bewick’s Swan, a man in Australia gets attacked by a Magpie, a Red Footed Booby Bird finds itself on England’s sunny shores and the US Government wins against the Oregon Audubon Society and will continue killing Double- Crested Cormorants.