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Backyard Feeding – It’s a good idea to clean around your feeder every two weeks. Some birds like hopping from the ground back up to the feeder and can spread bacteria back and forth. Every two weeks is ideal to keep bacteria from spreading too much.

Ever wonder how much water it takes to raise a cow? This weeks envirominute talks about having a vegetarian day once a week to reduce water waste (and give your digestive system a break!)

Dr. Bird is on vacation in La Paz, but still answers a question about why it isn’t a good idea to feed squirrels. 

This week in the headlines, Blue Tits are able to learn and teach new things to other birds, Isreal is a birder’s paradise with 500 million birds flying over each year and 70 000 birds have been shot in NY since 2009 to prevent bird strikes, but it hasn’t really helped. 

This week on Winner’s Circle, Birds and Baths are making me miss summer!

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