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We’ve had a bit of rain over the past week and WOW are things ever growing. It almost looks like I’m standing outside in a snowstorm with all the pollen flying through the air. With some of the crazy weather we’ve been having I just wanted to remind you that keeping bits of your yard ‘wild’ can go a long way in helping birds find shelter. We’re lucky because we have quite a few trees on our property, but even so, I’ve been building a brush pile for a few years and I let long grass grow in a few areas to encourage the insects that some birds love to munch on. So if you have the space, leave a bit of your lawn ‘wild’ – it can really help the birds.

Dr. Bird is on twice this episode, once answering Phil’s question about what he can do to prevent Grackles from nesting in his cedar hedge, and again on Brome Bird Book talking about the incredible migration of Onon the Common Cuckoo. It looks like there might be some good news to protect the Lesser Prairie Chicken and a bit of fun with a story about a duck being rescued from a storm drain in Moscow.

Winner’s Circle had absolutely breath-taking photos. We had fewer submissions this month, but the images are something else. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.