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Well, we got some great feedback about Woodpeckers, Jack Dupuis wrote back telling me he used shiny party streamers from the dollar store that worked very well and Karen Carter found some bird deter-ers on Amazon that she mentioned worked very well. Let me know if any of you have more suggestions because I’d love to hear them.

I know a lot of people are putting out oranges to try and attract Orioles as they head north, but don’t forget to put out other fruits as well – I’ve been putting out bananas, clementines, grapes, oranges and apples, and I’m always amazed at how many different species of bird love eating fruit. He didn’t stay long enough for a picture, but the other day I had a Northern Cardinal munching on some grapes I left out on the back deck – what a treat!

Dr. Bird answers a question from Neville about what purpose the flashy white eyelids serve on Black-billed Magpies and American Dippers. David has a lot to say about possible reasons they’ve evolved that way.

Last year we were lucky enough to have a Scarlet Tanager hang out in the backyard for a couple of days, and WOW, what incredible colors. Well, it turns out, the vibrancy of their colors is directly related to how much fruit they’ve eaten, but those sneaky males have found a way to cheat the natural process and make themselves look even more flamboyant to attract females. Check out the stories for that, and some great conservation efforts being made in Bermuda and Louisiana.

As always, Winner’s Circle has some breath-taking photography. We had a tie for 1st place this week, as well as some new names in the Top 5…well actually 6 this week.

Enjoy and have a great week!