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The last episode I was wearing a toque and freezing, two weeks later – I’m dressed for summer. I love warm fall weather! Because of the early frost and snow in many places in September, a lot of the berries on trees froze and are now fermenting. So that means it’s drunken bird season! There have been reports from all over the place about birds behaving in a loud disruptive manner inlcuding a group of Waxwings in Minnesota that someone called the police on because they were so loud.

So this episode on Backyard Feeding I wanted to remind everyone to be on the lookout for drunk birds and to keep your pets inside because the birds are incapable of protecting themselves. Also if you have berry bushes growing close to windows, try picking the berries to keep the birds from hanging out too close to the windows.

Dr. Bird answers a question about how to keep pigeons away from bird feeders and he is also on Brome Bird Book talking about the causes of the mass bird die-off in New Mexico recently. Winner’s Circle is always a lot of fun, and this month’s Vulture pics are no exception. We’ve had a flock of Turkey Vultures circling around the house sometimes getting low enough that the dog barks at them.

Next month’s theme is Birds and Precipitation.