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Summer is in full swing here, going from hot to hotter. Humans aren’t the only ones who can get a bit disoriented with the heat, birds can too, so on Backyard Feeding and on Ask Dr. Bird this week we talk about window reflections and what to do about them. Birdlife International has just announced that 5 million people worldwide are members of their Birdsafe Window Program which has students all over the world thinking of new ways to break up the reflections on windows and reduce bird collisions. We’ve just replaced our sliding doors with ones that have mullions between the panes which helps break up the reflections.

EnviroMinute this week is about replacing your grass with clover. Clover stays green longer, requires 5 times less water than grass, is impervious to dog pee, doesn’t need to be cut as often, replaces nitrogen in damages soil, grows just about anywhere and yes, it provides a source of pollen for our friends the bees (and other pollinators of course). So why not?

Some great new info about how birds navigate, weird new anti-bird devices in Russia, and the US taking steps to rid the Farallon Islands of rodents.

Enjoy the summer everyone, see you next episode.