(English) Springtime…and the behavior is Strange!

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  1. Dana Shields says:

    I just have to say kudos, to the wonderful product you sell and your customer service is outstanding, I wish others were just as good,, it just proves that your company is proud of the product that you sell. I have several of your products, the the Plus, the Mini and in the process of buying the Peanut,,I called the customer service division,, and wow was i impressed , Im disappointed because I forgot the nice lady’s name. but I explained to her that I was looking to buy a Peanut Squirrel Buster and I where to buy one,, she got my zip code and guided me to a place close by, I also told her about several squirrels that got frustrated with the Plus and chewed thru the tube, she said she would send me one, when I asked how much,, I was told nothing,, I was shocked,,It just proves that the product you promote is worth every cent,,,I have had other friends who are birders purchase these products as well,,so keep up the good work,,I am a customer for life!!!

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